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Explain Grounds for Divorce

Each year, there are a high number of marriages that come to their final chapter as either spouse files for divorce. For those in Monmouth County, they should come to a clear understanding of the laws in the state of New Jersey. The three parties that will have to be directly involved in your divorce are your spouse, the state, and you. You will have to understand and abide by the legal considerations that are made in order to have your divorce granted. The grounds for divorce in New Jersey are used to explain the reason or reasons that the marriage is being dissolved.

No Fault Divorce

A no-fault divorce can be granted when it is seen that irreconcilable differences have led to a breakdown of the marriage for six months or longer. These will have to be adequate proof that the marriage should be dissolved and that there is no reasonable way that reconciliation can take place. These irreconcilable differences will be proven to have damaged the marriage for a minimum of six months beyond repair. If the couple lives separate and apart for 18 months and does not have any prospect or reconciliation, the divorce can also be pursued. Although New Jersey accepts no-fault divorce cases, there are other grounds for divorce that you can show to the judge to improve your case.

New Jersey Fault Grounds

In New Jersey, there are also fault grounds that can end a marriage. Physical or mental cruelty on the part of any spouse can be grounds for divorce. When the prospect of living with your spouse who is causing you harm becomes unreasonable, feel free to speak with a Monmouth County divorce lawyer to discuss your situation. In the case of adultery, or intimacy with another individual outside of the marriage, can result in divorce. The plaintiff in an adultery case will be required to state the name of the individual with whom the adultery was performed. If you, as the plaintiff, are not able to provide this information, you will have to at least give reasonable information that can describe the adulterer.

Another fault grounds for divorce is desertion. This is willful desertion that has continued for a year or longer. When one party leaves the other and they cease to cohabit as man and wife, this is considered divorce. Imprisonment or addiction to a controlled substance, narcotics, or alcohol, by one party is also an acceptable ground for divorce. If your spouse enters into deviant sexual conduct and you have not given your consent, this may be a viable ground for divorce. When one spouse has been institutionalized for a year or longer subsequent to the marriage, you can proceed with a divorce.

Are you considering divorce?

If you are considering divorce because you believe it is the best option for all involved, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable Monmouth County divorce lawyer from our firm. We are dedicated to serving the residents of New Jersey as they navigate their divorce cases. Amdur, Maggs & Shor, PC will work with you and can help you be sure that he most optimal outcome can become a reality. If you believe that you and your spouse qualify for any of the grounds of divorce listed above, we can help you pursue a New Jersey divorce. Your family is important to us and therefore, we can work closely with you to pursue a desirable solution. Our experience can benefit your case, so contact us today to obtain the representation you need!

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