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Mid Marriage Agreements in Monmouth County

Going into a marriage a couple can be full of hope but for those that are already married, you recognize the reality of how hard it can be to keep a relationship together. There may be issues that you didn't address at the beginning that you now recognize to be a potential problem. A mid-marriage agreement can also allow a couple to bring up important issues that they may have felt too uncomfortable to talk about before. It can open the doors for communication and help both parties understand where the other one is coming from. It can possibly save a marriage.

While a premarital agreement allows a couple to come up with stipulations in the event that they later face a divorce, a mid-marriage agreement is for those that have already entered into marriage and now recognize there may be areas that they need to address.

For example, a postnuptial agreement may permit you to keep certain assets if you and your spouse were to seek dissolution of your marriage. Additionally if your spouse incurred a large amount of debt that you do not want to be responsible for in the case of divorce then you could include this in your postnuptial agreement as well.

A postnuptial agreement is a document very similar to a prenuptial agreement in that it is custom built in each case to protect certain assets or assign certain liabilities in the event of a divorce. The major difference between these two agreements is that while a prenuptial agreement is signed before a marriage takes place, a postnuptial agreement is signed after the marriage has taken place. Having the opportunity to form and sign a mid-marriage agreement can be a substantial benefit.

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