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Modification Lawyer in Monmouth County

There are many different issues that can arise in a divorce case, some of which include custody and support arrangements. If you have been denied custody of your child or if you are being forced to pay exorbitant amounts in support payments then you may be able to get a modification to your current situation. There are some cases where an angry ex-spouse may try to retaliate against you by making false claims that will result in higher payments and less or no custody rights to your children. The court allows for either party to seek a modification, such as looking to increase or decrease the payments of a child support.

Asking the Court to Modify an Order

You and your former spouse may be able to agree on the terms of the modification and if this is possible there is a greater chance of it being approved by the court. It is understandable though that many people are unable to find a resolution they both can agree upon and in these situations the court can be petitioned to make the modification to the original terms they ordered. The main thing that the court wants to see is that there has been a change in the circumstances since the original order was made. The change must be significant enough that it warrants for them to make the alteration. Changes will typically not be retroactive so it is important to seek the change as soon as necessary, such as soon after you have lost your job or your financial needs have increased.

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