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Industry M Features Amdur, Maggs & Dugan in Spotlight Article


Industry M – sometimes called by its full name, Industry Magazine – focused on the importance of settling family law disputes amicably and correctly in their November 2015 issue. To get a comprehensive and professional perspective on what makes divorce so complicated, they featured our own Monmouth County Divorce Attorneys Maggs and Shor in a spotlight article. As Industry M is one of the most prestigious lifestyle magazines for New York City and the greater metropolitan area, this comes as a true honor to our law firm.

The article is titled "Family First" and discusses how divorcing spouses can find reasonable solutions to the end of their marriage. This is what Amdur, Maggs & Dugan has always been all about when it comes to family law: resolutions that work for everyone involved. As Attorney Maggs is quoted in the article, "No one […] plans on getting divorced." At our firm, we understand this truth and tailor our cases to the notion that everyone needs help handling a divorce, as the article covers.

It also provides readers a chance to learn more about our backstories, who we are and where we come from. We believe by letting our clients know more about ourselves, they will feel comfortable letting us know more about them. We also make a point to work together on each case we accept, allowing us to support our clients with an entire team of attorneys that approach the problem from all angles.

About Industry Magazine

Industry M has been in publication for more than a decade, highlighting the top of the lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment worlds, and those who are up-and-coming. It seeks to bring luxury and a sense of the higher class to people all around New York and New Jersey with sharp editorials and insightful articles. To be their choice for a discussion on divorce and how it affects people of all walks of life, we are, once again, truly honored.

Would you like to know more about Industry M? You can visit their website: If you would like to know more about us and how our firm can help you with the simplest or most complex family law disputes, feel free to call (732) 474-7531 for a free initial consultation.

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