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Enforcement of Court Orders

If you have already been through the divorce process then likely you may have an agreement regarding child custody rights, child support payments, spousal support payments, distribution of assets, etc. It is vitally important that all of your rights and the court orders are enforced. If your rights are being denied to you by an angry ex-spouse or for some other reason, then speak to one of our family law attorneys to discuss the enforcement of your court order.

If you are seeking to have your rights enforced then do not hesitate to retain the legal services of a Monmouth County, NJ divorce attorney from our firm. At Amdur, Maggs & Dugan we are intent on providing dedicated representation and service to all of our clients. We have been serving the Monmouth County, Middlesex county, Ocean County and surrounding area for many years with a long history of success in the cases that we handle as well as many satisfied clients whom we have represented.

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Amdur, Maggs & Dugan is a divorce and family law firm with over 60 years of combined experience in family law matters, as well as many years of service to the residents of Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean, New Jersey and the surrounding area. If you need legal assistance with having your rights enforced, then you have come to the right place. We can provide aggressive representation for your case in Court, provide answers to your questions, and advise you regarding your options and best course of action.

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