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At Amdur, Maggs & Dugan, we provide counsel to people in Monmouth County who are considering filing for divorce. If you are thinking about filing for a divorce, or have questions on how divorce may impact you, it is critical that you get help from an attorney who practices in the area of family and divorce law as they have the knowledge and experience to answer your questions. The outcome of your divorce will have a long term impact upon your life as a divorce addresses custody, support, property division, and more.

Our firm takes these issues very seriously and our goal is to provide you with the most effective counsel and to help you to pursue your personal objectives. You have rights and we focus our legal services on protecting you from unnecessary losses and guiding you thorough this difficult time.

Professional & Dedicated Family Lawyer Serving Monmouth County

Our legal services are custom-tailored to suit each individual situation and each individual family. There are no two families that are exactly alike, and each family has their own unique financial situation with regard to ownership of property, assets, income, & debts. To ensure that you do not lose more than you have a right to in a settlement, connect with our firm so we can speak with you about your personal situation.

When necessary, we can access our professional resources to "follow the money" if you suspect that there are any hidden assets or transactions taking place to reduce your share. These situations can arise in a high net worth divorce, or in some cases, in a divorce which has become particularly vindictive.

If you are essentially in agreement with your former partner, and the two of you are able to communicate and work out your divorce, we can help draft an agreement and file for an Uncontested Divorce. If you are in the position where there are issues in contention, whether on the financial front, about who gets what, or about your children and where they will live, it could not be more important that you get a Monmouth County divorce lawyer working with you on an immediate basis.

We are compassionate, professional and we genuinely care about each person we represent. Call us today for information about your divorce or other family law matter.