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Ocean County, NJ Divorce Lawyer

Ocean County is situated along the Jersey Shore and has been considered one of the fastest growing locations in the state for the past two decades. This area has a great location that has made it a destination spot for many, sitting only 25 miles from Atlantic City and 70 miles from New York City. The area itself spreads over 915 square miles and is mostly made up of flatland and the coast. Over 31 percent of it is made up of water.

The population is estimated to be over 576,000. As the fastest growing county in the state in terms of residents and the second fastest in terms of percentage increase, there are individuals from all walks of life, going through all different situations. Some of those will include couples that are faced with the reality of ending their marriage. Out of the more than 200,000 households, more than half of them include a married couple. They may have been married a short time, or it has been years in the making and they are finally facing the fact that the relationship has ended.

Providing Solutions in Divorce Cases

Our firm handles Ocean County divorce cases and can seek to help you resolve yours in a favorable manner. We know that these cases often involve not only the couple, but family can be influenced as well. That is why we want to make the transition as smooth as possible, especially if there are children. There are many areas that are tied to divorce law and we have a comprehensive understanding of these. We begin by getting to know our clients and determining what they want out of the situation.

Some of the main areas that we will often place our emphasis on include child support child custody and spousal support. When you have an issue such as these on the line, it can have a huge impact on the future of you and your child and you do not want to take chances. We are also there to help in the before and after process. This can include entering into a prenuptial agreement which will allow you to make certain decisions in the event that your marriage ends. This can also involve matters after a divorce, such as seeking a modification to the original terms, looking to have them enforced or dealing with issues of relocation among two parents that share custody of a child, or issues related to custody & parenting time.

How Long Does NJ Divorce Take?

If you have no issues (i.e., no children, property, or debts), divorce can be completed in as little as 3-6 months in NJ. However, if you have complicated issues and cannot agree with your spouse, your divorce may take up to 14 months and beyond.

Speak with an Ocean County Divorce Attorney

Annulments are another area that we can lend our services in; for those couples that realize they have made the wrong choice and want to correct the mistake without facing all the difficulties that come along with a divorce. Some couples are able to agree on terms of the divorce and seek a more peaceful resolution. In these cases it may be possible for mediation to be used, rather than taking a case to Court.

If you are a resident of the Ocean County area and are looking to find out more about divorce or a related area of the law, do not delay in contacting our office. A skilled Ocean County divorce lawyer is ready to help you find a solution and move forward. ​​​​​​

We believe that there is no "I" in team and our firm works together to make the most of the situations our clients are faced with. There are many aspects that can be involved in a divorce and countless reasons that a couple can choose to go their own ways.

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