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Parental Alienation

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No matter what the situation involves, divorce will still take control of the emotions of each individual involved. It can take a major toll on the life of the children because they often feel as if the world they once knew were breaking apart and changing. These emotions especially get out of hand when one parent, typically the custodial parent, can influence the affections the child has for the other parent.

If one parent constantly criticizes the other in front of the child, it could affect his or her perspective of that parent. A child could withdraw emotionally from the parent who is being criticized. Not only is it a difficult situation for the child, but it can also be a traumatic circumstance for the parent.

This situation is known as parental alienation since one parent is being alienated from their child. Lasting harm can occur to the child and his or her relationship with the criticized parent can be entirely altered. This is a circumstance that can be dealt with through legal action because it can affect your ongoing relationship with your child.

If you have reason to believe that your ex-spouse is poisoning the mind of your child and has been intentionally alienating your child from you, it is important to speak with a Monmouth County divorce and family lawyer today! We know your legal rights and can protect them!

Protecting Your Legal Rights

It is understandable that emotions can often run very high during the course of a divorce. That does not, however, make it okay to have your child turned away from you because of the other parent has held on to frustrations or bitterness from the marriage or divorce. If your relationship with your child has been sabotaged, it is not viewed in the eyes of the Court to be in the best interests of the child. No matter what the motivations or intentions of the offending party is, the results can be lasting to those who have suffered the painful effects. We have the experience and ability to help you request early court intervention.

Signs of Parental Alienation

Parental alienation can stem from many different factors and depending on the child's personality, can come across in many different behaviors and actions. If the other parent is constantly trying to "rescue" your child during your scheduled parenting time, this may be a sign of alienation. If the court-ordered parenting schedule is not being followed by the other parent or if you have been denied your Court-ordered time with your child, these are also reasons to obtain legal assistance.

Other situations that are obvious signs of parental alienation are when the other parent:

  • Denies you telephone conversations with your child
  • Denies you access to child's personal records
  • Falsely accuses you of speaking negatively in front of the child

If you have questions or concerns about parental alienation or would like legal advice on your situation, feel free to contact our firm today! This is an important situation and you deserve a fair chance to maintain a strong relationship with your child.