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Modification Lawyer in Monmouth County

Over time, after the entry of your judgment of divorce, your situation may have changed, including your custody arrangement or your financial circumstances. You may have, for example, a difficult ex-spouse who owes you money. The Court allows for either party to seek a modification, such as looking to increase or decrease the payments of a child support, as well as the right of either party to enforce the terms of the Judgment of Divorce.

Asking the Court to Modify or Enforce an Order

You and your former spouse may be able to agree on the terms of the modification and if this is possible, the changes must be formally written and submitted to the Court. It is understandable though that many people are unable to find a resolution they both can agree upon and in these situations an application can be filed with the Court for the requested modifications.

In order to request a modification, the main thing that the Court wants to see is that there has been a change in the circumstances since the original order was made and certain steps must be taken in the application to the Court. To request that an agreement be enforced when one person has violated the terms, proofs must be sent to the court along with other requirements.

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