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The Divorce Process

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If you are considering divorce, then it will be beneficial for you to understand what is involved in the divorce process. Once you have filed your Complaint with the Court, your spouse must be served with your Complaint within a certain time-frame. Once this process has been initiated there may be a hearing or Motion to establish temporary child custody and support while these issues are being decided in the divorce case. There must be an agreement as to the issues of custody and child support, asset division, and spousal support before you can be officially divorced. This can be done through mediation techniques or litigation. If your spouse and you are unable to resolve these issues through mediation then the divorce may go to Trial where a judge will hear both parties and decide these matters for you.

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If you are seeking legal representation of your divorce case then you will greatly benefit from the legal representation of an experienced divorce attorney from Amdur, Maggs & Dugan. Our firm has extensive experience in divorce and the many different issues that can arise. We attempt an amicable resolution through the use of mediation techniques; however, we will fight vigorously for your rights if litigation is necessary.

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