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Advantages and Disadvantages of Courtroom Litigation

In a divorce, there are many different issues that can arise. While it is usually better to resolve issues like child custody and support through peaceful and amicable discussion there are some cases that can only be resolved through courtroom litigation. If you are facing hostile opposition in your divorce case or have a difficult spouse, then litigation may be the way to proceed. In some situations such as a domestic violence scenario, peaceful discussion and conflict resolution are nearly impossible.

If you are facing divorce, do not hesitate to speak with a Monmouth County divorce attorney from Amdur, Maggs & Dugan. Our firm will work to find an amicable resolution that can come from mediation efforts, however if there is a situation that cannot be solved peacefully then you can be assured that we will not hesitate to aggressively represent you in Court in order to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome and to fight for your goals and desires concerning your case.

Primarily Monmouth County Divorce Cases

At Amdur, Maggs & Dugan we are dedicated to providing excellent and aggressive representation for each of our clients. If you are facing divorce then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of a representative from our firm. We have extensive experience in various divorce and family law issues. We will be able to answer your questions regarding your case and discuss your options with you. Reach out to our firm for experienced counsel regarding the best course of action to take next in your divorce case.

Do not hesitate to retain the legal services of a skilled and experienced representative from our firm in order to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome of your case in court.