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How Long Does a Final Restraining Order Last


Obtaining a Final Restraining Order in New Jersey affords the individual who has received such an Order various protections under the law, and the individual who has such an Order entered against them can face many complications going forward. Often, people inquire as to how long the protections of a Final Restraining Order last. In the State of New Jersey, a Final Restraining Order lasts indefinitely.

Although in many of our neighboring states, Restraining Orders only last for a specified time period, New Jersey does not have a time limitation for a Final Restraining Order to end. Absent a party coming before the Court, requesting that the Final Restraining Order be vacated, and the Court granted such relief, the Restraining Order will last a life time. In addition, once an individual has a Restraining Order entered against them, the restrictions associated with having been convicted of committing an act of domestic violence also last a lifetime, which can include impediments to travel and employment.

Domestic Violence is a serious topic, whether one has been the victim of such violence or whether one is accused of committing an act of domestic violence.

If you have questions as to how the laws in the State of New Jersey as the pertain to domestic violence may affect you, no matter your situation, it is wise to speak with an attorney with knowledge in this area of law to learn about your options as they relate to your specific situation. At the law firm of Amdur, Maggs & Dugan our attorneys have represented clients in numerous situations involving domestic violence and are well versed in the laws and cases on this specific topic.

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