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Real Housewives' Couple May be Divorcing After the Holidays


Divorce is an issue that can be dealt with by everyone. Some marriages may appear fine from the outside but there is often more going on beneath. While two people may love each other, they can grow apart over time and the marriage may have run its course. This is possibly the case with celebrity couple Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe. The couple is known for their role on the Real Housewives' of New Jersey, where they are followed around by cameras to record the daily lives of them and other couples in their prominent circle.

The show has been widely popular as a reality drama series, though some of the drama has made its way off the screen. The couple is reportedly considering filing for divorce after the holiday season. This comes after cheating allegations against Joe and the financial instability that he has continually fallen into over the years. One episode also captured a dispute between the couple in which he was heard calling his wife a number of names. Sources close to the star state that this was the final straw for her. Reports claim that Teresa does plan to divorce him but that she will be keeping up the appearances in the meantime and being present with her daughters for any events.

The story has not been confirmed by the couple themselves but this is not the first time a story of their divorce has made the news. In the state of New Jersey there can be no fault or fault grounds for divorce. It can be sought in a case where adultery, imprisonment, cruelty addiction, deviant sexual conduct or separate living are involved. The state follows the rules of equitable distribution so the court will assess a number of factors when looking at how to divide the assets of a couple. There are many factors to consider in a divorce and a Monmouth County divorce lawyer from Amdur, Maggs & Dugan can provide a high level of representation.

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